Early Inspiration for Silk Road Centurion – Xi’an

Travel played a significant role in helping me form ideas for my book and conjure a long-lost world. Here I will share a few photos from a trip I made to Xi’an, China’s ancient and medieval capital and the eastern terminus of the Silk Road.

Early Inspiration for Silk Road Centurion - Xi'an
Today one must squint and let the imagination take hold, but the marketplace in the Muslim Quarter suggests the city’s history as a thronging entrepot where all manner of goods from China, Central Asia, and beyond flowed in and out.
It dates from a much later time than the Han dynasty setting of my novel yet the Great Mosque gave me a taste of the legacy of Xi’an as a meeting point of peoples and wellspring of its own culture.
The Terracotta Warriors date to the Qin dynasty, which collapsed in 206 BC, about a century and a half before the events of Silk Road Centurion. Close enough, I say. Spending a couple hours in their company is a highly reliable form of time travel.